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The Frederick Entrepreneur Support Network was created in 2006 with the mission of:

Championing Frederick as a Premier Entrepreneur Community

In pursuing this mission, we have created six key strategic initiatives to publicize Frederick and it wealth of business support resources and to help create new resources that will make Frederick and even better place to start and grow an business. Here's what we're up to:

INITIATIVE 1: Develop a web-based repository of business support information for the entrepreneurial public.
This website is that repository. Explore the links listed about to learn more about the organizations that make up the ESN and how they can help you grow your business. The site now includes directly downloadable resources like guides for women-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned businesses. The website also includes downloadable business plan templates, and a step by step guide to hiring your first employee. Content is added and revised constantly, so check back often.

INITIATIVE 2: Determine barriers to success for entrepreneurs and develop resources to mitigate those barriers.
We recently surveyed more than 100 existing and would-be business owners in Frederick County to identify the most significant challenges they faced in starting and growing their business. We're currently compiling the results of the survey and will soon release them in a full report, which will be available for download on this site.

Once the results are compiled and released, the ESN will continue to publicize and develop resources to help businesses mitigate and overcome these challenges.

The research & initiatives committee provided a preview of the results from its recent survey of local business owners. The results will be released soon in the form of a full report. Based on the results, the network will begin working on programs and resources to help entrepreneurs overcome the most significant barriers.

INITIATIVE 3: Actively Promote Frederick as a Haven for Entrepreneurs.
The ESN itself is evidence of the area's uncommonly collaborative business support community. But this is only one of many factors that make Frederick such a great place to do business. The ESN will continue to promote the support provided by ESN members, but also the area's strong consumer base, it's highly-educated workforce, desireable quality of life, proximity to major cities and federal government agencies.

INITIATIVE 4: Partner with the Business Community to Assist with Mentoring, Business Support Networks, and Other Sources of Support for the Entrepreneur Community
The outreach committee described the opportunity to make ESN a hub for the numerous non-related business mentoring programs that already exist and to fill in the gaps left by other organizations.

INITIATIVE 5: Research Best Practices from Top Entrepreneurial Communities
The research & initiatives committee reported that many of the identified best practices are already in place in the local business support community. The committee will continue to seek out new and interesting ways to support entrepreneurs and help implement those approaches in Frederick County.

INITIATIVE 6: Develop an Entrepreneurial Profile
The Research & Initiatives Committee has identified several existing descriptions and self-test related to the profile of the typical successful entrepreneur. This information can be used by network members to help identify particularly promising prospects and by the entrepreneurs themselves to evaluate their own comparative strengths and weaknesses.